Sg Top 50 engineering feats – Pinnacle @ Duxton

pinnacleSingapore’s first 50-storey public housing project, the Pinnacle@Duxton, has been recognised by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) as one of the top 50 engineering accomplishments here.

“The Pinnacle@Duxton, found where the first two HDB lease blocks were assembled in the place in 1963, represents Singapore’s improvement in public housing and home ownership over the last 50 years,” said the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

The project includes seven residential blocks that are linked together by 12 continuous skybridges, creating possibly the longest skies gardens in public housing history at 400m.

The truth is, the skies gardens on the 26th storey additionally include an 800m jogging track.

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“At over 350 tonnes, was an engineering effort to assemble high above ground, and the heftiest sky bridge is close to the weight of a Boeing 747 aircraft, the HDB was noted by ”.

It shown that the towering residential blocks were assembled using high strength concrete, with prefabrication accounting for 85 percent of the building.

The national competition aims to recognise the top 50 engineering achievements that have made the greatest economic, societal or infrastructural impact on Singapore since 1965.

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